Reykjavik Music Accelerator

Reykjavik Music Accelerator

An intensive, four weeks accelerator aimed to empower innovation in the music industry starting in October 2019


“The Support we got through participating in an accelerator helped us tremendously. It’s invaluable to get access to world class mentors that are willing to share their journey and give advice. As a result, we’ve been able to avoid a lot of mistakes we probably would have made and do more faster”

Haraldur Hugosson - COO of Genki Instruments


“With the music accelerator we want to nurture the industry part of the music scene, something that has not really been done in Iceland before. We have a strong music scene but a small industry so there really is a potential for growth in this area and I believe that younger generations in Iceland are much more open to the opportunities connected to the business side of music. With the music accelerator we want to provide an environment where those with good business ideas get the chance to develop them and put them into ation with world-class mentors and the fantastic team at Icelandic Startups”

María Rut Reynisdóttir - Project Manager of Reykjavik Music City


“Music is indeed an artform, but for it to be a form of income, we need constant regeneration in our business environment, keeping in mind that we are indeed part of a worldwide marketplace.”

Sigtryggur Baldursson - Managing director of ÚTÓN / Iceland Music